Thursday, October 23, 2008

a private moment together before the wedding We wanted to see each other before the wedding . . . so we did. :) After getting ready, we had a few moments alone. Then our photographer (my oldest, as in longest known, friend) came in and took some shots of us enjoying those first few moments as bride and groom--our last few moments before becoming husband and wife. I LOVE this photo; she caught his expression beautifully!!! I also decided--a few days before the wedding--I didn't want the veil to cover my face. I needed to read my vows and do some other things during the ceremony, and to me it was just in the way. So, I was just going to wear the veil in my hair. But, then when all was said and done, (like after it was in my hair and I was putting on the dress), it bugged the heck out of me. Too puffy and now it no longer served a purpose, so it seemed pointless to me. Wearing a veil didn't make me more or less a bride. So, I wanted to remove it all together. I knew this part of the wedding was important to Lawrance--the lifting of the veil. So we talked about, and he suggested we do the veil lifting privately on our own before the ceremony. So, we got a few veil shots before the ceremony. And, I am SO glad that we did . . . some of them turned out really cute!! There is one more thing I have to tell you about the veil-lifting. In Taiwan, men roll the bride's veil up and over, so it is a slow ceremonious event. So, that is what he did. But . . . after he was done rolling . . . still not kissing on the lips. We've waited this long we could wait another half hour. ;) Here we have it step by step. It was so fun!! I'm glad we did this . . . and I liked very much that it was just between the two of us. We're ready . . . come on guests hurry up! We wanna get married!!! :D Seeing each other before the wedding was a great decision. It wasn't part of Lawrance's culture to wait to see the bride. In Taiwan, the groom goes and gets his bride and brings her to the celebration--lots of cars, noise, and fireworks in procession (in modern times at least). And, we'd already seen each other all that morning and early afternoon . . . so why not? It was a very special moment and perhaps my favorite of the day--ok, one of the top highlights of the day. It also made my walk down the aisle much less nerve-wrecking. We were able to fully enjoy the ceremony and the meaning of it all rather than be so caught up in seeing each other for the first time after getting ready--which is so absolutely wonderful in and of itself. I would highly...

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