Saturday, November 01, 2008

a walk to remember When I started thinking about a song to walk into with (I didn't want to come in with traditional wedding music.), I immediately thought of and really liked "For the Beauty of the Earth." Lawrance liked the melody but didn't think it had enough "power" or "majesty" for a bridal entrance. When I told him that was the exact reason I wanted it, he thought it was a great choice. So, are you ready? Here we go . . . Uh, yeah . . . it was not exactly like that. :) This great photo--that Lawrance and I both love (and want to duplicate with the two of us when we get married in Taiwan)--was taken after the ceremony. I was a bit emotional walking down the aisle with my daddy. And, uh, yeah, "a bit" is a huge understatement! :) Over a million thoughts flooded though my head we walked together. My dad was so kind. He was talking me though walking down the steps out of the chapel, being very gentle and supportive. I then told him, "Daddy, I'm not gonna make it. I'm gonna cry." His response was "You are?" "Yes," I cried back. "That's ok," was his calm response. Then I did all I could to stop the tears--hence all the funny faces. They were happy tears, but still I didn't want to totally be crying all the way down the aisle. Here is a photo of my dad talking me though walking down the steps. I finally was able to manage a smile . . . and I finally rounded the small curve and was able to see my groom. Yay!! For the joy of human love, . . . Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise. (lyrics from "For the Beauty of the Earth")

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