Thursday, November 20, 2008

so kiss me After my dad blessed our new marriage with payer, he then told Lawrance some words he'd been waiting a LONG time to hear: Can you tell how excited we are? Finally, he hears . . . "Lawrance, you may now kiss your wife." And so . . . we had our first kiss, as husband and wife. I have no idea how long it lasted . . . all I know is that he started kissing me before I had a chance to "pucker up." So, the entire time we are "kissing" I'm actually "smiling." So, when he finally releases me from our first kiss, I can't help but laugh . . . from excitement, joy, and from not actually being able to kiss back and just the blissful awkwardness of it all. :) We are so grateful for God's grace in enabling us to be able to share our first kiss as man and wife. You should see the looks on people's faces--especially nonbelievers--when I tell them our first kiss was on our wedding day. They can't believe it. Sometimes, ironically, it seems like if in that instant they lose all respect for me, thinking I must be insane. We dated nearly two months before he held my hand because he knew that once we started touching we would just want more and more. So he waited. After we were engaged is when the physical intimacy beyond hand holding started. The day he asked me to marry him is also the first day we hugged--a very awkward side hug at that. The first time he kissed me on the cheek was a few weeks later during our engagement photo session (right there in that photo to the left). Anyway, point is even with caution and even with taking it very slow, after getting engaged the physical intimacy began to heat up rather quickly, especially the month we were in America together. We are both so glad that we had that line of no mouth to mouth kissing because in so many ways it helped us stay pure--even when we wanted more. There were a couple of times the month before the wedding where I was like, "ahh just go ahead and kiss me . . . there is nothing wrong with kissing before our wedding day." But, he wouldn't. He had promised me our first kiss would be on our wedding day, and so he kept his promise. What a blessing!! In all it's awkwardness it was totally worth waiting for . . . and a moment I will never, ever forget. {Oh yeah, and by the way, I think kissing this guy has now become one of my favorite pass-times. ;)}

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