Friday, January 16, 2009

a pictorial year in the life of amanda Continuing a blogging tradition that I started three years ago when I first started blogging . . . a month by month look at my 2008 using only one photo per month. (BTW, each month name below is a link to a calendar view of pictures taken that month and uploaded to flickr. Just in case you wanna see more than 12.) January: We Went on Our First Date February: And Dated Some More March: We Shared the Gospel Together April: I Turned 30, but I had Someone to Celebrate With Me May: We got Engaged June: I Got to Meet My Nephew for the First Time July: Smith Girl's Threw Me a Bridal Shower August: Lawrance Came to Texas and On the VERY Last Day of the Month . . . We Got Married!! September: We Honeymooned in San Antonio October: We Enjoy Married Life (ie. I learn to cook Chinese food and Lawrance builds some shelves) November: The In-Law's Come over for Dinner December: We Celebrate Our First Christmas as Husband and Wife So, this was one LIFE CHANGING year . . . awesome in every way imaginable!! We look forward to seeing what 2009 brings! Blessings! A Little History: The first year I did this, 2005, I had just started blogging which started because I had discovered 43things, flickr, and library thing. Flickr and the blog are the only two things that stuck. And, just like my non-virtual life, my flickr account is in need of a little organization. Maybe one day . . . Anywho, back to 2005, it was the year I discovered the freedom a digital camera offers. I have carried a camera in my purse since 1999. That's nearly ten years now. I wanted to be able to record moments of life as an exchange student. It became a haibt to always carry my camera with me. In fact, the non-expense of picture taking with a digital camera hit me so strong I took so many pictures that year, I was so overwhelmed I quit printing them out. Too hard to choose which ones to print. In 2006, my brother came to Taiwan and my sister and good friend (as well as three others) got married. And, I took over 9000 photos to record these awesome events. In 2007, even though my cousins came to Taiwan (which was awesome), I didn't even take half as many photos as I did in 2006--a measly 4,000 something. So, in 2008, life changing year, . . . wanna guess how many photos I took?

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