Friday, February 20, 2009

wedding reception in usa (part 4) alternate title: cutting the cakes Our cakes were made by our wedding coordinator. The "wedding cake" was strawberry, while the groom's cake was chocolate. And, can I just say they were DELICIOUS!! I don't care for most cakes . . . but this stuff was great! The groom's cake has a Chinese "chop" (or seal) that is supposed to be the wedding word for double joy or double happiness inside a door, which Lawrance choose because he and I (two joys) were starting a new home (door). BUT . . . they left off the bottom part of the "double joy" . . . so EVERYONE--American and Taiwanese--ask us what it means. :) ___ Cutting the cakes was a blast!! Lawrance had no idea what we were going to be doing. I didn't tell him anything. I just told him "wait and see." So, he really was clueless, which made it WAY more fun for us and our guests too. ___ Posing with the Cake ___ Feeding him a rather large piece, but doing it nicely. ___ ___ His reaction. (And, me not wanting to get cake on the dress.) ___ Me preparing a SMALL piece for him to feed me. ___ He wants a big piece and says, "Now I will show you how we do it in Taiwan." ___ As he puts it in his own mouth, I am a bit confused thinking he is going to feed himself. ___ Then I realize what he is going to do . . . and EVERYONE laughs loudly as they figure it out too!! ___ If you haven't figured it out yet . . . He wants me to eat it FROM HIS MOUTH!!!! OH MY!! ___ After all that drama . . . we move on to the groom's cake. ___ Obviously, cutting it together. ___ And, to ensure he didn't make me eat from his mouth again, we fed each other at the same time. :) Yay!! It was so much FUN!! And what was wonderful too . . . is that a big plate of the leftover cake was snuck into the honeymoon suite for us. We got to enjoy our wonderful cake throughout our honeymoon! Thanks to whoever did that . . . Mom?? Sarah?? (Most photos taken by Jessica at JGM Photography.)

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