Saturday, March 28, 2009

a wonderful wedding gift We got some amazingly creative wedding gifts that I will share details of with you a bit later. Today, I just wanna celebrate our biggest gift of all. . . . a new fridge!! :) Many friends and family (on both sides of the ocean) graciously gave us cash as a wedding gift. It is the traditional wedding gift in Taiwan, but not so in America. However, we are very thankful for all our American friends and family understanding that many traditional wedding gifts from a registry in America would have been quite impractical. (Nevertheless we did register for a few items for our home, and I know my mom and sister would love to see what they look like in place, so I'll do that a bit later too.) Boy, I am gabby today!! :) Guess I must be excited. ;) So . . . now . . . . for the grand revealing . . . .our beautiful new fridge that arrived yesterday: Although it fits perfectly in the "fridge spot," from this photo it seems to dwarf our entire kitchen! :) The fridge part is on top (which I LOVE). I love being able to stare directly into the fridge part. Before we had a freezer top fridge, so I had to lean over and down to look into it. Then below the two door fridge, there are two sections that pull out. The middle section is for fresh fruit and veggies (a huge crisper, I guess). And the bottom is the freezer. So, instead of shelves, it is kinda like a top loading deep freeze--just pile and stack. I really like it. Here are some shots I took last night of the inside of our new fridge--this might be the only time I ever show you the inside . . . so make sure you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. ;) (Clicking the photos will take you to their flickr page.) ____ And, here are a few photos taken before new fridge's arrival: ___ And, here is how the little black fridge became black . . . This fridge was nearly 20 years old. It was given to me when I first moved to Taiwan. Some missionaries on the island were leaving to go back to the States and were giving it away. Some other missionaries that knew I was coming took it and kept it for a few months, then when I arrived they gave it to me. I love the way the missionaries I've met here take care of one another and bless each other by sharing not only material stuff but of their time and care too. God is good. We loved little black, but he was not working quite as hard as he once was. Sometimes he would forget to work at all, and at other times he would work so hard EVERYthing--even the eggs in the fridge door--would be frozen! He did quit working all together back...

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