Wednesday, May 27, 2009

apartment tour: our kitchen Welcome to our tiny kitchen. It is literally about 2-3 foot wide to about 7-8 foot long. We can stand side by side, but passing each other to get back and forth is not easy. It didn't take long for me to begin to despise what I once appreciated . . . kitchen counter space!!! At first I was SO happy with the counter top space. Very quickly I began to complain again that they were too small. If you are standing at the door way to the kitchen, this is what you will see: Stepping past the new fridge, you'll see the sink with the dish dryer over it. Of course if you want see exactly this view, you're going to have to step outside onto our porch. Turning around to the left, you'll see this on the right: and this on the left. It is our "pantry." And, yes, it is all totally open--no pantries are needed when you shop fresh at the market daily (which I don't, so hence the need for a pantry). At the end of the kitchen, if you turn around, you'll see this. Right behind our sink are double glass doors leading to our laundry porch. And if you come back to the kitchen doorway and look the other way, you'll see where we eat. That's our bedroom door in the background. This photo taken from our bedroom doorway shows the kitchen/dinning room table and cabinet where we store all the dry baking goods and Lawrance's snacks as well as keep our rice cooker, little oven, and cookbooks. There are some random facts about our kitchen here. And, if there's anything else you wanna know, just ask. :) Up tomorrow is a look at our master bedroom. See you then!

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