Thursday, July 16, 2009

unfortunately and fortunately I now like chocolate for more than one reason. Lawrance came home with a new chocolate-colored camera last week. After we got the new camera, we, unfortunately and fortunately, learned that our older camera wasn't as broken as we thought. (Unfortunately since we didn't "need" to buy a new camera, and fortunately because now we each have our own camera.) At first we thought it was just the perpetually shaking shutter, which rendered the camera useless even with power. And, then since "fully charged" batteries were not able to power up the camera for more than five seconds, we assumed that it was dead for sure. When we got the battery charger for the new camera, we noticed our older camera batteries fit inside, so we charged our old batteries in the new charger. We discovered that the perpetual shaking of the shutter stopped once the batteries were charged with our new charger. So, it wasn't our camera that was broken. And it wasn't our batteries that were bad. So, it must have been our older battery charger, right? But, the sad thing is . . . the charger wasn't broken either. The charger was just dusty, so the connection was bad. So, I got a new camera all because we have lots of dust in Taiwan. So . . . the moral of the story is if you think you have a bad camera or bad batteries, make sure the charger is clean before you reach your final verdict on the state of your camera. :) Anywho, here are some of the photos we've taken with our new camera: {our Sunday ritual of "ice"} ~*~*~ {cutest bug zapper ever} ~*~*~ {one of Law's fav snacks--dried tofu--kinda like "tofu jerky"} ~*~*~ {where I teach English on Fridays--at a livestock research institute} ~*~*~ {buying a train ticket}

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