Friday, January 08, 2010

the wu's year in photos Even though I've let my blog slip majorly in the past few weeks and months, I couldn't let my blogaversary and annual tradition of choosing one photo per month slip past. This will be my fifth year to do this: 2005--was my third year in Taiwan, and I started blogging 2006--my sister got married and my brother came to Taiwan 2007--I moved to a new city, and my cousins came to visit 2008--I met the love of my life; we dated, got engaged, and then married . . . it was perhaps the most perfect year of my entire life. :) I think I took less photos in all of 2009 than I did in many of the months of 2008. Kinda makes me a little sad, and makes me want to resolve to take more photos in 2010. Anywho, not analyzing anything right now, which I am OH so tempted to do. Let me get right to the point . . . below you find a month by month look at our 2009 using only one photo per month. January: We celebrate our first Chinese New Year together in Meinong February: New Life Bilingual Church in Kaohsiung starts meeting March: We marry again . . . well, ok, we celebrate our marriage covenant in Taiwan with our Taiwanese friends and family April: I have my first birthday as a wife (aka, I turn 31) May: Some of our friends marry . . . and Lawrance is the MC at their wedding banquet June: We start our summer Sunday afternoon tradition of eating ice after church July: We go on several dates during the summer . . . Thai food, the beach and more August: We celebrate our first anniversary in Kenting September: Sadly Wu Mama is diagnosed with liver cancer October: Lawrance is a clown (well, maybe he always is one, but at least he LOOKED like one this time) November: I start studying Chinese again (This is my awesome Chinese teacher) December: Law's parents help us to decorate our tree . . . a Wu family first!

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